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arena animation kamla nagar

Where reality meets and blends with the imagination, Visual Effects (VFX) begins. Arena’s VFX courses in Delhi trains you to become all-round VFX specialists. Right from the fundamentals to the most advanced techniques and tools, you will learn all that the industry demands from a skilled professional. Arena Animation is the best VFX institute in India.

With the production of movies like The Avengers and Bahubali, and television shows like Game of Thrones that is set in fantasy worlds, the demand for visual effects is on the rise. Learn fundamentals of visual effects with these VFX courses and transform the ordinary into extraordinary!


arena animation kamla nagar

VFX Editing

This VFX editing course trains you in two of the most aspects of VFX: editing and compositing. VFX compositors are responsible for creating photorealistic output by seamlessly integrating live action footage with computer graphics, 2D, 3D & special effects. Video editing requires visual aesthetic skills , a sense of pacing to draw out the emotion of the story, and attention to detail. To be a VFX compositor or a video editor, you would need to understand the element of composition, lighting & shadow and colour.  

VFX prime

VFX prime course is a comprehensive course that covers visual effects for advertising and television productions, and makes you a job – ready VFX professional. It gives a through grounding in the basic design fundamentals, CG Assets creation – both 2D 3D, FX, dynamics & simulation, VFX techniques such as rotoscopy, roto paint keying, camera tracking & compositing. On completing the VFX course, you will be able to master and specialize as a Visual Effect expert and produce a demo reel as per the industry standards.

arena animation kamla nagar

Vfx Film Making

The VFX Film Making courses helps you gain the understanding of VFX film-making production pipeline & the skills needed to be successful as a VFX professional working in Hollywood, Bollywood, and the Regional film industry. The visual effects courses enable you to contribute to the process of storytelling in films with a complete knowledge of VFX. The modules cover everything from VFX pre-production to 3D & VFX Production and VFX Post Production.

Benefits You Get


  • Job-oriented, industry centric curriculum

  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software  

  • Laddered learning from basic to advanced level

  • Projects at regular intervals

  • Specialisation and portfolio creation in the area of interest

  • Exposure to industry interaction and workshops

  • Placement assistance

  • Access to Onlineversity our exclusive e-learning platform
  • Access to Creosouls, a platform to show

  • Instant student  Loan facility studies